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is why we're here,

but it's not always easy!

I've been surrounded by people but still felt alone.

I've pushed people away and isolated myself when I needed them most.


I've felt helpless trying to get through to my partner; both of us deeply hurt, angry and misunderstood.


I've felt blocked, unable to communicate and market the value of what I do to potential clients.


I've felt hopeless, lacking meaning and purpose, disconnected from who I am, what I want and what really matters.

Brian Tohana

Coach & Consultant

The quality of our relationships is the best predictor of our long-term health and happiness.


But even the best of us are challenged by difficult conversations, difficult people, or our own inner conflict, triggers, biases and blindspots that make us difficult to be with too!


What relationships do you want to improve?

Who do you want to communicate, connect or collaborate more effectively with?

Who do you want to be better for?


Couples Communication & Relationship Coaching

Conflict doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, your partner or your relationship.
Disagreement and misunderstanding will always is arise, but they don't have to be avoided or escalate into conflict with effective communication tools and techniques that improve emotional intelligence, boundaries, self-awareness, conscious agreements and empathy. 
This is for couples who are in a committed relationship. You want to strengthen your relationship, improve intimacy and create a conscious relationship not by working on each other, but yourselves and the space between.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Have you accomplished most of what you set out to do but still sense something is missing? Everything that made you successful today is not exactly what's holding you back from your next level. 

This is for leaders who want to convert their passion and drive for results into influence without force or frustration. You've realized that what matters more than anything else are your relationships. You want to communicate with empathy, increase self-awareness and remain more balanced and at peace during charged exchanges.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Can't get through? No matter how much effort you put in, it can seem impossible at times to be understood or to collaborate. But you can learn to disagree productively. 

This is for parties who want to reach agreement but can't see a way through. You want to be respected and valued without feeling like you're losing. You want to come to a resolution that feels good for all parties. 

Life Coaching

There's your Default Future - the life you'll have if don't change anything - and your Created Future - the life you'll have when you step outside of your comfort zone to follow your heart. Which do you choose?


We're not meant to go it alone. The best athletes in world have coaches to help them see what they can't see, find new heights when they've plateaued, and bring out their best. This is for anyone who wants to feel more connected to their purpose or people in their lives and who are committed to creating the life they truly desire and deserve.

Team Building & Custom Emotional Intelligence Workshops

This fully customizable training provides foundational communication tools and processes that form a co-amplifying and empathetic organizational culture. It empowers team members to take leadership in growing the organization and focuses not just on results, but how they get there. Remove barriers to effective communication and collaboration to create a cohesive team that is committed to their mission and to each other.

Branding & Origin Story Discovery

Does your website and marketing reflect who you truly are? Do you struggle to communicate your message and share your value with the world? 

This is for businesses who want to connect to the heart of why they do what they do. You want to express and represent the essence of your products / services as your contribution to the world.