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Therapists ain't for you! Working on your relationship doesn't have to be heavy and serious. You're two smart, self-aware, caring people who are both hurt and misunderstood but can't seem to get through to each other. You get sucked into arguments or shutdown feeling alone and distant. Why?

Well, you're not alone and neither of you are to blame. There's nothing wrong with you or your partner. There's a ton of unconscious stuff at play that we'll shine light on together.


The Couples Intelligence Journey guides committed couples to re-invent their relationship and meet each other again for the "first time". You're ready to re-engage with a new profound level of presence, mutual understanding, emotional intelligence and ninja communication skills.



Your accomplishments might seem big to those around you, but inside you know you could play a bigger game. In some ways, you're actually playing it safe and holding back from what's possible. Everything that made you successful today is now exactly what's holding you back from your next level.

The Brilliance Journey is for highly self-reflective, visionary leaders who thrive when challenged, have a bias towards action and a track record of success. You constantly want to better your best because it feels good to play full on and serve others using the depth of your gifts to make a difference. You're ready to meld your ambition and drive for results with personal peace. You're committed to infusing  and enriching your relationships with deeper presence, empathy and authentic self-expression free from force and frustration.



You have amazing gifts to share with the world and something to say, but gosh darnit, it can be a challenging task to put yourself out there, reach the people who need what you have to offer and stay focused with all of the distractions these days.


What's your project, passion or idea? What's your message? What do you stand for? Who are you serving? Why? What do you really want?


The Entrepreneurs Emergence Journey is for highly creative, intuitive and purpose-driven creators who are committed to living the life their heart and soul yearns for. You're ready to stop getting in your own way, to speak up, stand out and build momentum as you share your gifts with the world. 

Everyone is brilliant


But no matter how brilliant you are, we're all human and we get stuck sometimes.


What would your life be like if you freed yourself from what's unconsciously driving your behaviour? (Trauma, expectations, should's, supposed-to' s and limiting beliefs).

Will you allow yourself to create and receive what you really want? Will you dare to express your brilliance fully in this life? It's expansion time. Let's bring more of you into this world.


The Magic of Companioning


What if we've got it all backwards...

What if self-development / growth / healing / liberation / peace / transformation, don't have to be things we strive for, but can be byproducts of this thing called "companioning"?

The gift I'm grateful to share with you is this art of companioning - joining you where you are, as you are.  It's a completely intuitive, empathic process where m
y primary intention is to connect with you, and connect you with you.


Kind words from brilliant people


My doubts and insecurities dissolved. Now I feel empowered to be the person I truly am and see myself as a completely different person.

“I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in working with Brian. When I first met him I felt lost and trapped in my relationship that was on it's way out. I was struggling to start my business, and looking back, I was just in a lot of pain. I had a really hard time believing in myself. I don't know what I would have done without Brian, I'm so grateful we cross paths!


I worked through old patterns of reactive behaviour and blaming others for what was happening in my life. I realized that being a victim helped me feel safe. But now I feel empowered to be the person I truly am. If you’re one of those people who are walking around the earth thinking there’s got to be more than this, you have to talk to Brian. The way he listens helps you to listen to yourself. He won’t fix you. You will resolve the problems you have yourself by seeing things in new ways. He’s like a perfect mirror. He will allow you to find your own truth. My doubts, insecurities and anger were dissolved. It’s almost something I can’t describe. I was given something that I didn’t even know that I needed. It took a lot of inner work, but I now see myself as a completely different person.”

– Laura (Consultant)

There was this image I felt I had to uphold of the successful, adventurous woman who had it all together. Eventually I couldn't keep it up anymore.

“I was a woman with a very busy lifestyle, always go, go go. Most people admired me because on the outside it looked like I was having a ball, always going on adventures, talking about the next best thing I was up to. But honestly, inside, upon deeper reflection, I didn't realize how much I was doing things for other people. There was this image I felt I had to uphold of the successful, adventurous woman who had it all together. Eventually I couldn't keep it up anymore.


Working with Brian I realized I used to try and be better because I thought there was something wrong with me that I had to fix. I began to see through all of the expectations that were driving my behaviour. It was crazy... liberating, humbling, confusing... I started to see more clearly why I wasn't really happy. I was trying to please everyone but myself!


I'm still a highly driven ambitious woman, but now I feel so much more at peace. I still love going after what I want, but now I’m more satisfied with where I am at the same time. I don't have to chase anymore. I'm able to rest and that is such a gift I've learned to give myself! I’m super grateful for all that I was able to work through with Brian, my psychological and emotional blocks. He has such a compassionate, genuine heart that made the whole messy process comforting. I wanted to write this for other women to read what's possible for them. I’m so happy I invested in myself because I think this is what people in life are really searching for, peace that comes from just being yourself. Sounds simple but it took a lot of work to get here. Now that I'm here I want this for everyone.”

– Mary (Personal Trainer & Coach)

Together for 10 years, our physical intimacy suffered, we had trouble communicating...

"After attending one of Brian's empathy workshops, I hired him to coach my wife and I who have been together for 10 years. We would get in fights about small household and family decisions fairly regularly and I think our sex life suffered as a result. We didn't feel nearly as connected to each other as we used to and couldn't seem to get through to each other.


It felt like my wife was always nagging at me and I just needed space. I didn't want the negativity so I would just go do my own thing. But with a few tweaks, mainly learning how to empathize and validate each other's different perspectives, we were able to actually get through to each other. Brian taught us an array of communication tools that made it way easier for us to understand each other. It was hard at first learning these new habits, but Brian was great teacher, easy-going and definitely adept at his craft! It was also really interesting to learn how the way we were each raised by our parents affected how we interacted with each other.


Since I already knew Brian, I was confident he could help us, but my wife didn't know him, so she was impressed by how such a young man could teach her so much! We both felt at ease with him guiding us even though he is much younger than we are! I consider Brian a friend and highly recommend his coaching personally and professionally as an incredible facilitator of change, and communications and relationship expert. It was a fun experience working with Brian as he's very passionate about his work and clearly has got a gift in this area. We learned a lot and are very grateful that we're connected again!"

- Robert (Financial Advisor)

I realized it was actually me that was afraid of intimacy not my boyfriend.

“After trying so many different self-help programs, I could barely believe anything could help me because I had tried so much and so hard already. No matter how many things I tried it was always the same thing. Trying to do self-discipline, reading, Youtube videos, I put so much effort in but nothing seemed to work. 

Brian had an ability to spot the little things that I didn't know I was hiding, protecting something vulnerable, something soft. I didn’t realize how much I was guarding myself,  how much I longed for human connection. I was with my boyfriend for 2 years but unable to really connect with him and feel his soul.


Working with Brian, I started to experience more self-love and warmth inside. It's like the typical saying of peeling an onion, it's really true. These conditions I thought were me, I could take them off like chunks in sessions with Brian to really connect with myself. I realized it was actually me that was afraid fo intimacy! Unconsciously I couldn't allow anyone to get close to me. One evening my boyfriend and I suddenly met each other. I got to feel and see my boyfriend. It was like a bridge opened up, something it clicked.

There’s something I’ve found inside of me that no matter how my life is passing with some insecurities, there's something inside I can now relax into and rely on no matter what... love, me... It’s like connection with life. It's not being separate anymore. That separateness from life, I didn't realize how painful it was for me until I discovered that direct connection with life. I imagine what you can discover is different for everyone, so it's probably just best to dive in and explore what working with Brian can do for you.”

– Guna (Facilitator & Project Manager)

I’ve worked through the depth of my emotional reactions to be a better parent, lover, friend and colleague. 

"When I met Brian I was dealing with numerous challenges in my personal relationships with all the important people in my life, from my own parents and young children to my husband and his family. I felt alone and carried a lot of guilt. Through some brutally honest conversations Brian guided me to many realizations on my own, such as that: I am not responsible for anyone's feelings, actions and decisions, but my own; that being kind and happy is a choice. Things were not easy for me, I had to process a lot of anger, but with Brian's gentle guidance, I now feel free, fulfilled and loved, and I choose to be happy! I’ve worked through the depth of my emotional reactions to be a better parent, lover, friend and colleague. Thank you Brian!"

- Kelsey (Doula & Mom)

Now, I don’t see the past as something that is holding me back but as a gift. 

"Brian seriously changed my life. We resolved aspects of my past that were holding me back unconsciously. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for Brian facilitating massive realizations and an awakening that has caused ripple effects in every area of my life. I was stuck repeating the same old stuff over and over unable to really move forward. I struggled with motivation and clarity on what I really wanted. 

Over time, I felt more connected to my purpose and healed so many limiting beliefs and fears. Every session I was surprised by how much we were able to work through and how light I felt afterwards. It felt easy. You really can't predict where you'll go with Brian, he's just amazing at meeting you where you're at. Now, I don’t see the past as something that is holding me back but as a gift. 


Everyone who comes to Brian wants to be their best selves and they’re around Brian because they are the type of person that is making those changes in life. Trust the process and he’ll guide you to where you need to go. You got this!"

- Christine (Coach & Marketer)

I didn't know how much I was disconnected from myself until I started to really feel at home again. I felt empowered by the whole journey...

"My wife and I were in the middle of separating when I started working with Brian. Looking back, I was extremely anxious, overwhelmed, scared, and just trying to find myself after spending years putting my family's needs before my own. In my early forties, I didn't know who I was. It was kind of embarrassing and a really confusing time for me that Brian helped me to navigate. 


I was blown away by my work with him. He brought calm to my storm! He’s someone who isn’t afraid to have difficult conversations. If I was going through something difficult or heavy for the average person, I could always bring it to Brian and he was to receive it without it overwhelming him. He helped me see things in myself that I hadn’t seen before, highlighted my strengths and called me out on my passions. It felt like a coming home for me. I didn't know how much I was disconnected from myself until I started to really feel at home again with every session.


He is much more than a coach, I could really rely on him week after week to see me and believe in me as another human being who genuinely cared. I didn't know if coaching was right for me at the start, but man, I felt empowered by the whole journey and am so grateful I reached out for help. He saw the real me more than anybody else I’ve ever met."

- James (General Manager)

I felt so much guilt for not being my best self especially with my children. Now, I'm a better mom and communicator.

“When I came to Brian I was full of stories about why my life was one of suffering and pain. There was a deep inner knowing that I was whole and capable of anything, yet for reasons consciously unknown, I was experiencing extreme discomfort and my reality was very different from what I dreamed of. I would get triggered really easily and snap at those I cared about. I felt so much guilt for not being my best self especially with my children.

It was the first time I think I've ever really been listened to which allowed me to process so much emotion I didn't know I pushing down. He helped me access aspects of myself that I would normally turn away from because I was scared. I’ve worked with many coaches, healers and therapists but hadn't made much progress. I found Brian’s holistic approach truly transformational - my soul felt soothed and accepted which allowed me to connect to my dreams, heal my past and connect to my power. I'm a better mom, more confident and a much better communicator with healthy boundaries now thanks to him! 


Brian is the embodiment of authenticity. He meets you exactly where you are, and will go with you as far as you’re willing to go within yourself. He does this with laughter and fun, and seriousness when it is called for. I highly recommend working with him to improve all of your relationships including the one you have with yourself. Approach each session as an opportunity to pull apart current expectations and assumptions you have about yourself, others, and the world then flip them on their head."

- Sarah (Mom, Healer & Retreat Facilitator)

I feel more confident in myself and my ability to be who I am, to relate to others in a vulnerable state, and to go after what I want in life with more courage.

"I was struggling with being able to connect with others authentically, and being completely vulnerable. I always wore a mask, and behaved in the way that I thought others would approve of instead of just being myself freely. Even though I think I appeared confident on the outside to most people, I had social anxiety, was scared underneath and felt cut off from the world.


I was able to dig deep through the untruths, and have a clearer perception of who I am and what I want before a lifetime of conditioning. I feel more confident in myself and my ability to be who I am, to relate to others in a vulnerable state, and to go after what I want in life with more courage. For anyone who wants to work with Brian, all I can say is to bring your presence and you'll discover so much more than you expected while feeling incredibly supported and safe on your journey of self-development."

- John (Director)