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Better Communication

Learn 9 Keys to Disagree Productively & Create Understanding Even with Differences of Opinion

Bosses control, force and demand while leaders role model, inspire and influence. Great leaders are great communicators. 

They invite those around them to open up with presence and deep listening. Their teams are psychologically safe and as a result are proactive, responsive, and innovative - energized by the diversity they’ve learned to leverage through effective communication. Co-amplifying teams actively cultivate emotional intelligence and are hungry for self-awareness that allows them to better serve their mission and each other.



Turns out, physical intimacy requires emotional intimacy, and emotional intimacy begins with conscious communication, the kind we were never taught in school. That's where I come in. 


We human beings are complicated!

Relationships can be as messy as they are fulfilling. No one's got it all figured out, but if we learn how to communicate more effectively we can figure things out together. We can create understanding even with differences of opinion. We can disagree productively to create more peaceful, authentic and nourishing relationships.

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