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Lvl 1: How to Disagree Productively & Create Understanding Even With Opposing Perspectives

[Free Webinar]

In this free webinar you will learn:

  • 3 false assumptions that we make in conversation that create and escalate conflict.

  • 1 style of communication that works in normal everyday conversation (we all use it) but when we disagree or when we’re triggered, it's ineffective and actually it makes things worse!

  • The most common mistake people with good intentions make that actually escalates conflict

  • 1 alternative style of communication that you can use to replace that ineffective style so that you can disagree productively and create peace and understanding even with differences of opinion. 

  • 1 simple lesson in neurobiology, (nothing complicated!) so that you understand what happens in your brain when you get triggered and 2 strategies to restore rational thinking when in an emotional reaction.

  • 3 key communication tools that are types of responses that de-escalate conflict. 

  • 8 step communication process called a clearing dialogue you can use to clear or resolve any past hurt or frustration so that you can stop avoiding having those difficult conversations and start having them confidently, safely and compassionately.

  • 3 most common communication mistakes I see when I coach couples

Investment: Free

Format: 1hr Zoom Meeting

Dates: 2x/month (see Events)

Empathy is not an emotion, it's a process; it's a way of listening and speaking that creates mutual understanding even with differences of opinion.

Lvl 2: How to Disagree Productively & Create Understanding Even With Opposing Perspectives

[Online Workshop]

In this online workshop you will:

  • We put everything you learned in the free webinar (which is a prerequisite for this workshop) into practice. 

  • Practice 1 communication tool to shift from automatic and conditioned patterns to empathic responses.


  • Shift empathy from a concept to a tangible skillset to improve communication, amplify collaboration and deepen connection in all relationships. Practice perspective-taking and active empathic listening skills.

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence - become more self-aware so that you can role model, influence, inspire and coach more effectively.

  • Develop resilience, positive mental health, and emotional well-being by learning to intentionally create an environment of psychological safety and turn conflict into growth opportunities.

Investment: $20

Format: 2hr Zoom Meeting

Dates: 2x/month (see Events)

Prerequisite: Lvl 1 free webinar