Couples Coaching

Conflict doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, your partner or your relationship.

Disagreement and misunderstanding will always is arise, but they don't have to escalate into conflict. Conflict is growth trying to happen. I work with you to facilitate that growth by changing how you do conflict.

Physical intimacy requires emotional intimacy which is created through communication.

Stage 1 - Belief

  • Believe that better is possible.

Stage 2 - Tools

  • Conflict will always arise, but how you navigate it can be changed. Learn and practice the communication tools we weren't taught in school that allow you to disagree productively, create understanding even with differences of opinion and navigate conflict with confidence, safety and compassion.

Stage 3 - Mindset

  • Gain insight into the neurobiology of triggers, how childhood patterns are unconsciously acted out and shift from enemies to allies in growth. Embody the 10 characteristics of conscious partnerships.

Stage 4 - Habits

  • Commit to the daily practice of shifting from an unconscious relationship to a conscious partnership.

I love working with couples because I get to be a part of two people coming together. It brings me great joy to witness two people who love each other so much, that they are willing to do the challenging inner work necessary to create a deeply satisfying love relationship.

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