Companioning is Healing

What if we've got it all backwards...

What if self-development / growth / healing / liberation / peace / transformation, don't have to be things we strive for, but can be byproducts of this thing called "companioning"?

The gift I'm grateful to share with you is this art of companioning - joining you where you are, as you are.


My primary intention is to connect with you, and connect you with you

Healing trauma is a non-linear process that's guided by intuitive empathic listening. I listen for your soul, to the truth in you that's trying to emerge.

We'll intuitively venture to the places within you that you can't seem to get to on your own, and hold space for those parts of you that are challenging to access or feel alone.

Whatever you're stuck on, there are many layers. I guarantee that the layers / emotions / stories that are ready to be healed will be.

That's just the nature of the gift I'm grateful to share.

Whether it's an addiction, lack of motivation, trauma, lack of clarity or confidence, companioning is a gentle yet direct way to create the change your soul is yearning for.

Guided by deep empathic listening, I'll hone in on and follow a thread of truth that will lead us to a clearing within your being.

I'm always surprised and delighted by where we go and the freedom on the other side.

I've witnessed it's true that:

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

Your decision to venture within, to be honest with yourself, vulnerable and willing to see what you haven't before, and to trust me on your journey of self-discovery will leave you lighter, clear, refreshed, at peace and free.

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