Empathic Leadership & Facilitation Training

[Fully Customizable Training & Coaching Support]

This training provides foundational communication tools and processes that form a co-amplifying organizational culture. It empowers team members to take leadership in growing the organization and focuses not just on results, but how they get there. Remove barriers to effective communication and collaboration to create a cohesive team that is committed to their mission and to each other.


Sociocracy – Train team member to run effective meetings and facilitate efficient decision-making while ensuring every voice is heard.


Feedback Dialogue – Train team members in a process that allows them to provide feedback to each other (bring attention to potential blind spots) in a structured way that feels good and helps each other grow.


Clearing Dialogue – Train team members in a process that allows them to resolve any disagreements or misunderstandings that would otherwise be swept under the rug and get in the way of effective communication and collaboration.


Non-Violent Communication – Train team members in emotional literacy and needs-based communication to create shared language and self-awareness that allows for deeper understanding and compassion for each other and those they serve.


Drama Triangle & Empowerment Triangle Relationship Dynamics – Train team members to facilitate the growth of their clients and each other using self-awareness-based coaching.


Collaborative Problem-Solving – Train team members in a process that allows them to bring challenges to teammates and work together to solve them efficiently.


Applied Empathy Circle – Train team members to facilitate the empathy circle process and shift empathy from a concept to a tangible practice. Create a culture of empathy where mutual understanding and equality are actively practiced. This process is also the foundation for the feedback and clearing dialogues.


10 Agreements of Co-Amplifying Teams – Train team members to align their actions with shared agreements that serve as standards of what’s possible and as a social contracts to create co-amplifying teams. Each agreement can be used as a guidepost in meetings to check, “Are we keeping our commitments to ourselves and each other?”


Relationship Action Plans Train team members to strategically cultivate authentic relationships inside and outside the organization that are important to their success.


Conflict Resolution – Train team members to hear and validate the concerns that lie underneath complaints; initiate difficult conversations and navigate conflict with ease, compassion and confidence.


Facilitation & Leadership – Train team members to feel confident taking the lead, empowering each other, and consciously create psychological safety to reduce stress and increase emotional intelligence in all of their relationships.

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